9 Tips to Keeping Customers Happy

There are many softwares, such as Zendesk and Crisp

Have a total view of your customers

Having all the data of your customers, either by integrated applications or by personalized applications, will help you make your online customer service much more personalized . There are many softwares, such as Zendesk and Crisp, that allow the customer request to appear in the agent workspace, so that it can be solved in a single view.

Thanks to this, agents will be able to have a greater context of the relationship they have with the client, be it the purchase history or old conversations, among others.

 Keep your team trained in social skills

All commonly thought of customer service skills are also applied in the digital world. It will only take a training so that this can be translated online.

In general, people read the emails they receive in a more negative way than it really is. That is why the online customer service team must have communication that is as conversational and light as possible . Agents can be warmer while making use of emojis, GIFs, and exclamation points, as long as it's appropriate.

Tip : Even with simple but great online courses you can give your team exceptional customer service training. Websites like Udemy or Coursera can be of great help to you.

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