9 Tips to Keeping Customers Happy

multichannel marketing stronger

Interacting face to face is very important when doing business. Therefore, in a video call you will be able to see your client's screen and guide him step by step so that he can solve his problem. In addition, your agent can take care of the problem and solve it himself while the client visualizes how he does it.

 Mobile applications

Most companies are always looking for effective ways to connect with their audience. This has made multichannel marketing stronger , as brands seek to reach people through different means.

One of the most appropriate channels to manage your brand is with a customer service application. More and more people are using a smart device, so it will be a great opportunity for your company.

Sure, the option of creating your own mobile application is not feasible for all types of business. It is generally a good option for medium and large e-commerce stores, as it requires investment and maintenance.

Always ask for feedback

Something fundamental in the online customer service process is feedback. Asking your customers for comments is a way of expressing that you are concerned about the experience they may have, thus valuing the comment they make to you.

You need to monitor those comments on a regular basis, as well as measure their Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSAT). The CSAT surveys, after each interaction, will help you measure the satisfaction that your customers have and identify what problems there are at that time 

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