9 Tips to Keeping Customers Happy

Investing in shared inbox software is a great idea

Response time is the time interval from when the client has made a request until it receives a response. This is a very important strategy, as it helps you improve your online customer service, while improving customer conversion, retention, and loyalty . This strategy is not based solely on the response time that the user has, but also on being able to provide solutions that are effective to customers. bolts.answerhop

Nobody likes to wait, so consumers are always looking to get a response as quickly as possible. If you want to improve response times, it is essential that you measure what things you want to improve, because this is a metric to know how your results are. tc-bolts.dyifo

Help your clients help themselves

One of the benefits of online customer service is that it answers common questions that users ask. These benefits also include online care 7 days a week and 24 hours a day . However, many clients want to solve their problems on their own.  techqueer

In this way, it is recommended that you keep your help center updated, with enough information about your products or services, so that the person requests help from the customer service team when they need information that is more specific and relevant. These sections look like this:

Know where your customers are

There are many users who want to clarify their doubts and speak with companies through the channels of their choice. Some of the clients make use of the web forms that you send them an email. Others like more to send a message through a social network or WhatsApp. Because of this, a good option is a live chat, with which you can help your potential customers.  construction-bolts.tockhop

The idea is that you create an omnichannel strategy , where you can manage all the channels through which you communicate in one place, so that you tune in to the data you have from your customers, so that it is easier to personalize your online support.

Tip : Investing in shared inbox software is a great idea. They allow you to reply to all the messages you receive from different places (including social media, WhatsApp, email, chatbots, etc., in one place. The Crisp.Chat tool works particularly well.  bacobolts.yictic