9 Tips to Keeping Customers Happy

Head of Performance Marketing at Parclick

In Chapter 39 we got to talk to an entrepreneur from head to toe. Fernando Beneitez has been a business consultant in more than 200 digital projects, among which the well-known ecommerce Mundo Animal stands out, of which he was the co-founder, and the Digital Business Manager for more than 11 years.

In this podcast we focus on his latest “creation,” CBD Hannapy, a medical cannabis marketplace that he founded in March 2021.

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A very interesting conversation that, due to the company's industry, encounters a series of restrictions in the digital world that it has been able to overcome thanks to an inbound strategy that has allowed them to establish themselves in a stable way in the market.

 Interview with Marco Pilco, Head of Performance Marketing at Parclick

The last podcast you have heard is that of Marco Pilco, Head of Performance Marketing at Parclick, a marketplace that was born in 2011 with the aim of connecting drivers with parking spaces through digital channels.

With a company present in 8 countries and more than 200 European cities, the international marketing strategy has been a great challenge to which, in addition, they have added the development of their own app to pay the parking meter ticket. Do not miss this conversation, in which Marco tells all the strategies that have been carried out in the company since his arrival.

We play this chapter at home. We spoke with Neus Sánchez, professor at ICEMD, UNIR, IEBS and Nuclio Digital School, and Sales Director at the agency.

In this chapter we review how, amid the complex B2B ecosystem, NoviCap has managed to excel and succeed over time thanks to one of its oldest and most effective marketing channels: partners. A methodology that usually brings excellent results to B2B businesses, as long as it can be implemented correctly.

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